The winning work of the artistic contest which will represent the apples with the blue sticker in its 25th anniversary year is revealed. The 24 finalists that will visit the apple orchards in South Tyrol – Südtirol have also been selected

A beautiful and dreamy nymph in a fairytale setting surrounded by lots of varieties of apples and the Alps in which they grow. This was the theme chosen by Francesca Cito for the winning artwork of the Marlene® digital contest launched in the autumn by the VOG Consortium to celebrate the brand’s 25th anniversary.

The work was chosen by a jury of experts from the over 6000 competition entries submitted between 15 September and 15 November by artists from 36 different countries. “La ninfa Marlene® (Marlene® the nymph) is the title of the work by the competition-winning artist from Avellino, which caught the eye not only for the high quality of the artwork but also because it succeeded in poetically depicting the values of Marlene® apples: the region, the many varieties available and the Alpine setting, whose nature, tranquillity and slow pace allow the apples to reach perfect maturity.

“We are really happy with the excellent results of the international digital contest dedicated to this important anniversary” comments Walter Pardatscher, VOG Consortium CEO“The quality of the artworks that arrived from so many countries was exceptional and a reflection of the great love that people have for our apples. The jury had a difficult job but in the end Francesca Cito’s winning entry was the artwork that best captured the enchanting setting in which Marlene® apples are grown.”

Francesca Cito’s work will be printed on Marlene® apple stickers and packaging for the entire 25th anniversary year. In addition to Francesca, also chosen were the 24 artists who will be able to enjoy a holiday in one of the Gallo Rosso farmhouses in South Tyrol – Südtirol. “The finalists come from Italy but also Spain, Holland, England, Brazil and Cyprus – explains Christina Widmann, brand coordinator of Marlene® –. It will be a real pleasure to welcome them to our region and show them in person why these apples are so unique and distinctive”.

“We are really proud that Marlene® has been able to inspire such high quality works from all over the world – adds Sabine Oberhollenzer, PR Manager of VOG“The aim of the competition was to showcase Marlene® apples, to get people to fall in love with them, while facilitating the work of our clients in the process. In this way we can propose a high-quality product that is increasingly familiar and popular among consumers”.

“All that’s left to do is thank the over 6000 artists that took part: all of their works are visible in the online gallery on the Marlene Art Contest website – concludes Hannes Tauber, VOG Marketing Manager -. “This digital contest successfully brought people together from all over the world, highlighting the strength of the production chain, from the product to the point of sale and through to the consumer. It was an experience that will live long in the history of our brand and Consortium”.

The 25 competition finalists were:

Francesca Cito, Umberto Stagni, Cristina Franco Roda, Sara Vera, Marielle van der Gouw, Mavi Fernández Prado, Alessandra Sartoris, Paula López-Berges, Vincenzo Punzolo, Federica Scarcella, Antonio Lecci, Jaume Arnau, Alba Sánchez-Serrano, Luize Zanette, Rosemarie Cattan, Elena Ludwig, Luca Santella, Lorenza Acconcio, Alina Ermogenous, Serena Vajngerl, Laura Mssvivart, Mónica Hernández Jr., Marzia Bello, Marina Silvello, Laura Tavazzi.


Let me introduce myself, I am MARLENE®

My father is the mountain, strong and wise. My mother is the Mediterranean sun, enfolding me in her warm embrace. My teacher is the weather. I am not an ordinary apple: I am Marlene®, daughter of the Alps.

The unique climate of the South Tyrol pampers me with 300 days of sunshine a year. My flavour and aroma are made special by the environment where I grow, with cool nights and warm days, freezing cold in winter and balmy in summer.

I come in many different varieties suited to every taste: Royal Gala, Golden Delicious, Stayman Winesap, Granny Smith, Red Delicious, Fuji and Braeburn.


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