Proximity, transparency and sharing are key values that have guided the Pink Lady Europe branch since its inception. Today, the branch is working towards this goal even more by including this issue in its new commitments charter

For over 20 years, members of the Pink Lady Europe branch have been building a relationship of trust with their customers day by day with the promise of a unique apple sustainably produced by passionate growers. The sustainability goal that drives the branch is now expanding with the commitments charter. The programme is present throughout the branch and is guided by four major goals: environment, local development, progress for growers and customer relationships.

The latter is especially in the spotlight with two store initiatives that are starting in Europe: Adopt A Tree and Bee Pink. For several years, Pink Lady Europe has been nurturing its relationship with stores and customers by proposing activities that go beyond promotion to add meaning, value and education.   

The Bee Pink initiative, part of the bee conservation awareness programme, is starting again this spring in Germany and Sweden in partnership with local beekeeping associations. With the purchase of Pink Lady® apples at 500 Kaufland hypermarkets and ICA stores, our customers can sponsor a beehive. They can win jars of honey and access a wealth of information on bee conservation and the life of the beehive throughout the year in a monthly newsletter. We plan to set up seven Bee Pink hives and nearly 4.5 million apples will have stickers in the colours of the initiative for over a month.

Building on its success last season, the Adopt a Tree initiative was also renewed and introduced to five countries. French, German, Italian, Norwegian and Danish customers, influencers and store employees will be able to sponsor a Pink Lady® tree in the orchard of their choice in France or Italy. Alongside trade marketing campaigns in over 5,000 stores in Europe at our partner retailers, we predict that approximately 2,500 trees will be adopted. Sponsors will regularly receive news about their tree, the grower and orchard, and will be offered gifts and be able to come and harvest their apples next fall.

Both initiatives are intended to create connections and help us inform our customers, who care more and more about choosing their food. It’s also a way for the brand to be a little more involved every day with its stakeholders and place sustainability at the heart of every action, while continuing to innovate.

The complete Pink Lady Europe commitments charter is available attached.