Strong interest in the latest varieties of apples
The Modì® project towards 1,000 hectares, with prospects in the USA and Australia


CIV – Consorzio Italiano Vivaisti – after some editions of non-attendance, decided to get back with its own stand at the Interpoma International Trade Fair in Bolzano (15-17 November), which confirmed itself as the largest international fair dedicated to the apple production supply chain and to all its stakeholders, involving the major fields, such as cultivation, processing, storage, post-harvest and marketing of the products. Including of new varieties.

Established in 1983, CIV started by pooling the research and innovation expertise of three leading Italian Nurseries: Vivai Mazzoni, Salvi Vivai, Tagliani Vivai towards joint-breeding activities. Its collaboration with University of Bologna and foreign research institutes led to the creation of new fruit varieties, which combine superior quality and low environmental impact.

“Our Research and Development Program – explains CIV Chairman Pier Filippo Tagliani – is built along very clear and simple key-guidelines: natural rusticity of the plants; ease of production according to conventional agronomic techniques and good adaptability to integrated and biological production methods, thanks to the tolerance to diseases and reduced water and nutritional requirements that guarantee a low environmental impact; excellent firmness and long storability”.

“At the Bolzano Trade Fair – continues the Chairman Pier Filippo Tagliani – CIV registered an excellent feedback and remarkable interest shown by a number of major market players in the organoleptic and agricultural characteristics of our new apple varieties: from early to late harvest varieties; red, green or yellow, bi-color; scab resistant with superior long preservation characteristics and excellent organoleptic qualities.

The Variety Manager Marco Bertolazzi emphasises that “among the Sweet Resistants® (Smeralda*, Fujion*, etc.) series, for instance, Smeraldapbr variety – with two harvesting periods at a distance of one month, depending on whether consumer likes more a green or yellow fruit – is suitable for both traditional and organic cultivation”.

Dario Mauro Lezziero, Modì® Project Manager, adds that “the CIVG198*/Modi® apple is promoted internationally through qualified Licencees (i.e.: Turkey, Serbia, USA, Australia, Uruguay, Chile and New Zealand etc.) and as of 2018 it is now available on the Indian continent thanks to an agreement signed with a Distribution Partner in Mumbai.

The international Modi® apple project has a global target (Northern Hemisphere and Southern Hemisphere) which is to achieve around 1,000 hectares of cultivation within the next few years. The new cultivation prospects in California and the marketing activities carried out by the Aussie Partners are also very interesting!”

“During the Interpoma event – continues the CIV Variety Manager, Marco Bertolazzi – we met with the domestic and international customers and stakeholders with whom we intend to launch or improve integrated collaborations to develop the genetics of our Consortium.

Our search for collaborations led us to sign international partnership agreements with renowned fruit growers, production and marketing companies or vertically integrated groups (growing/production/marketing) so as to develop certain apple varieties in the Far East, Africa, Europe, Mediterranean area, North and South America and Oceanic markets; we have been looking to involve the actors which are further strictly linked to the bottom of the value-chain (i.e.: among the main players of trading/marketing/retailers) and create new integrated product-chains, boosting added value for the end customers whilst guaranteeing increased profitability for all parties involved” concludes Bertolazzi.

Sheet/CIV, Consorzio Italiano Vivaisti

CIV – Consorzio Italiano Vivaisti – is a leader in Italy in varietal innovation and the production of certified propagating material. Active since 1983 and based in San Giuseppe di Comacchio in the province of Ferrara, CIV is composed of three leading Italian growers: Vivai Mazzoni, Salvi Vivai, Tagliani Vivai. Through synergy, expertise and major investments in research, CIV is able to offer cutting edge products which are highly responsive to the demands of the market. CIV, with great foresight, has been committed for years to selecting varieties that can provide high quality productions with low energy consumption and low environmental impact.